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Designed for fashion. Crafted for sport.

Studio Bag

Luxury materials

Constructed from luxury nylons, leathers, and custom hardware, featuring sport details such as hidden breathing vents, waterproof + antimicrobial linings, and more.

Thoughtful design

Your bag is your ultimate companion and should be thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle in mind. Keep up with your love of exercise and travel in comfort and style.


We design versatile and smart-looking sports bags that can transition from street to fitness studio, business meeting to dinner, and everywhere in between

Why choose between fashion and function? Our bags combine high-quality fabrics and hardware with sport functionality.

Every woman needs that one bag she can take everywhere: class, work, the gym or social events. This piece from Nomads may just be it. Removable straps convert it to a backpack, and it even has a hidden shoe compartment.

The New York Times

There's a luxury mindset at the core of Nomads' design philosophy, and it's clearly visible in the product. Both the duffle and backpack are minimalistic, but sophisticated — the perfect combination for an everyday bag. 


My Studio Bag 2 carries me from work, to workouts, to bagless grocery shopping, and to even sneaking wine into movie theaters […] Sorry to brag, but people stop me in the street all the time to ask me where I got it.

New York Magazine